The Strategy behind The Story

We help brands tell their story — through strategy, creation and technology.

The Story

In today's changing digital landscape, brands need 3 distinct pillars for a successful digital story.
Take a look at the solutions we offer for these challenges.


"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

With the best will in the world, if you don't have a structured plan to tell your story, it'll end up in a pool of untold, unheard and unwatched stories.

Part of our process is defining a clear strategy: what is the purpose of your story, how are you gonna measure the success and how are you going to "develop" the story?

We challenge you to take a look outside the box, help you in defining your storylines and keep you on-track when developing your campaign.


"When I see it, I'll believe it"

People consume more media than ever. That's a fact. Movies, pictures and audio are the new copy.

We help you storyboard your ideas and work out a production plan that fits your needs. And we manage the audiovisual production from beginning to the end, or just part of it.

Without content, your brand doesn't stand a chance in the ever evolving digital world. Let us help you create your content.


"Technology makes the world a new place"

Content is king, distribution is queen. Technology is playing a more important role in your campaign than ever

Our in-house expertise ánd digital solutions help you distribute and measure your content distribution from conception to delivery.

From web development, mobile to social app development, we can help you build it and have the in-house expertise to manage the whole process.

Client Work

What we've been doing lately – for our clients, partners and ourselves.

For our client Admiral Freebee, we created a range of music videos, concert videos and video a movie +
Arsenal performed at Lotto Arena and using a limited setup we captured the concert from several different viewpoints. Part of the resulting footage was ultimately used in one of their music videos.see the excerpt +
We created several animations for AXA's yearly events.
Banden De Condé sought our assistance in creating a funny commercial for a local television station.
Battle Arena hosts many fight events for which we created introduction movie clip and after the teaser +
Our cloud application allows you to create your own password-protected press kits. A perfect solution for PR agencies and companies that have press-related announcements.
Belgian singer Berlaen asked us to create a music video for his song "Oe ver'est nog" featuring Erika and Heidi van the music video +
CNR Records asked that we create a set of presentation videos based upon existing music videos from their artists.
We assisted Esca Foods by creating a funny event movie featuring employees, children and parents.
Floor Promotion contacted us to create a corporate presentation highlighting their technology and expertise in printing on carpets.
For our client Gamma we created a set of presentation movies for "De beste klusjesvrouw van België" campaign.
When Hannelore Knuts was launching her "Ultra Mega Lore" exhibition in the Modemuseum Hasselt, we were contacted to create a movie detailing the preparation and launch.
An in-house movie created to highlight our expertise in "Imagination."watch the movie +
Interieur Kortrijk engaged our services to create a mood movie documenting the build-up and opening of the exhibition.
We had the pleasure of creating a viral movie with JM Pfaff in the leading role for Danette.
For a Kipling Event, we were asked to create a mood movie of the event surrounding the launch of new the mood movie +
Lotus Bakeries requested that we create a year-report, heavily focusing on motion graphics and existing the report +
A simple, clear website was created for artist Marques Toliver.
In support of customer satisfaction initiatives, we assisted MiniMax in creating several testimonials of customers, highlighting the superiority of their product.
For Philips Healthcare we created a mood movie for their campaign in the Antwerp train the movie +
PlayPass contacted us to create a movie that showcased their solutions for event and crowd management.
For a QuikSilver event, we supplied the event registration website through our "Event Apps" subsidiary.
SDV Logistics asked us to create a motion graphics overview of their company, solutions and ambitions.
When the CEO of SD Worx resigned, we were asked to create a funny movie that was projected during their annual event each year.
A "trends" report was created for SD Worx, combining interviews and motion graphics.
SD Worx hosted the "Underground" event, which we were contacted to create the mood the report +
Telenet Foundation reached out to us seeking our assistance in creating a documentary detailing the foundation's work on the Telenet Foundation Project.
We were asked to create a presentation movie for Wunderbaum's "Natives" showcasing various parts of their theatre the teaser +
We created a promotion video for Wunderbaum's production "At the End of the World" highlighting their theatre the video +
We created an interactive website for Acticom in HTML5 and javascript technologies.
Arsenal sought our hosting services as well as asked that we build the backend of their website.
For a Carrefour supplier event, we had the opportunity to create and host a complex registration website.
Clinic Antwerp contacted us to create the website and backend as well as integrate the graphics.
For dEUS, we were contacted to create the website and backend.
We had the great pleasure of creating a website and music video for Dez Mona for their "Get Out of Here" title the music video +
We supplied the hosting, design and backend for EBTS' website.
For client Exellent, we have been supplying the registration site backend and hosting for several events.
When Geike released her new single, she made use of our Press Room App to distribute protected previews to radio stations.
We supplied a registration website for an event hosted by Het Geluidshuis.
For Ikea's Midsommar event, we were hired to create a website that allowed photographers at several locations to upload and display their images on one centralized website.
When ISS hosted a seminar, we supplied the registration websites and mailings.
For the the ISS "Way Up" event, we were contacted to supply the registration site and mailings.
For Julie², we built a brand-new website - hosted on our Cloud platform.
When the KPMG "Discover" event was launched, we supplied the registration, website and mailings.
For Mobistar's teambuilding events, we were requested to create a website that enables their internal teams to create a teambuilding program based upon their specific needs.
We developed a grid-like website for Playout, powered by our cloud platform.
When Quiksilver launched the "Few Words" event, we were contacted to create the registration website.
Our cloud platform has been powering and hosting the website of the Dutch band "Racoon".
We created a website for Randstad that allowed event visitors to post their own photos to an event website tailored for the event.
For several SD Worx events, we have been creating registration websites.
Belgian band "Teddie Drum" has used our Press Room Web App to promote their new music to radio stations and magazines.
We developed and power the Telenet Smile website, a digital platform that enables employees to build their perfect teambuilding program.
We supplied the registration website for Ocean Marée and Walraven events.
Belgian recording studio "The Apartment" uses our cloud platform to host and update their website.
We designed, developed and built the website for Vibe Studios - a recording studio focused on commercials and voice recording.
For Vibe Voices, we developed a web solution that enables visitors to preview and select voice-over talent from a database. The database provides a fast and easy estimate for each of the voices.
For the fourth year in a row, we supplied the registration platform and mailing facilities for the Police Force of Antwerp.

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